My work is in Human-Computer Interaction with a focus on user-centered design and a community-centric approach.Most of my work has focused on practices and meaning-making situated around technology use. Working on these projects have helped me learn various methodologies such as interviews, focused group discussions, participatory design workshops, prototyping, personas, and surveys.

My dissertation research work is based on the idea that sharing personal narratives can be a medium to empower individuals. I am testing this hypothesis by designing and implementing storytelling system for sex-trafficking survivors in Nepal.  Currently, I am working on eliciting their values and understanding the context in which our system would be situated.

The table below lists some of the projects that I have worked on since moving to Virginia Tech. Please feel free to contact me for more information about my work.

Screenshot of a simulation

Storytelling Platform
Prototype of a storytelling platform

VT-Junoon's System*
work activity affinity diagram

Study of Sajha Sawal

Observation of a VT Gym

Study of 3D-Printing Community
Stakeholders of VT Library's 3D printing lab

Those marked with * are on-going projects.